About Dr. Kate


Dr. Kate Russo is the Founder of Being in the Shadow, now based in her native Australia after two decades of living in Belfast, Northern Ireland. She is an author, psychologist, and eclipse chaser who has seen 12 total solar eclipses from six continents over a period of 20 years.

Kate has an unusual combination of skills and expertise that allows her to carve out a unique niche in the eclipse world. She uses her academic and clinical skills to delve deep into the experience of totality, using these insights to help put words to the ineffable. She has surveyed and interviewed hundreds of people about their eclipse experience, and has authored three books. She shares the awe, excitement, and wonder of the total solar eclipse worldwide, and is in demand in the media and as a speaker due to her unique expertise, passion, and relatable manner.

Kate is also considered an authority on community eclipse planning, having been directly involved with eclipse planning efforts in a number of remote locations worldwide for a decade. Her passion is to ensure communities within the path of totality strategically align their eclipse preparations with community development plans, ensuring long-term sustainability. Kate’s White Paper on Community Eclipse Planning is now in its second edition, providing evidence-based guidance to communities on how to commence their preparations for a total solar eclipse. She holds numerous leadership roles in her niche area, advising on state and national eclipse planning groups, and offers consultation and workshops with local Chamber of Commerce and tourism development groups to support eclipse planning efforts in both Australia and the U.S.

Kate loves supporting everyday people to experience totality and had successfully partnered with a UK-based tour company leading sustainable eclipse tours for several years before the pandemic forced operations to cease.

Her message is clear – you do not need to be a geek or a bearded man with a telescope to enjoy the total solar eclipse. Everyone should try to get into the path of totality at least once in their lives, to experience the incredible awe and wonder of being in the shadow.

Dr. Kate Russo


“There is no need to be fearful of the dark. Chase it, welcome it, embrace it. “

“The path of darkness leads to the most interesting of places.”

“Get into the path of totality, and find your bliss being in the shadow.”

“If everyone experienced a total solar eclipse, the world would be a better place.”