Being in the Shadow: Stories of the First Time Total Eclipse Experience


Through personal stories of six ordinary people, this narrative non-fiction book describes what it is like to experience a total eclipse for the first time, and why you must get into the path of totality to experience this awe for yourself.

As an individual on my maiden voyage to witness this awe-inspiring event, I am bubbling with enthusiasm and excement for the big day after reading these insipring accounts. Brooke Jung, Eclipse Co-ordinator 2017, Hopkinsville KY.

Dr Kate Russo, Totality, author, eclipse 2012
(c) Kieron Circuit

Totality: The Total Solar Eclipse of 2012 in Far North Queensland


I published my second book following the total eclipse within my home community of Far North Queensland. I wanted to collate and share the many exciting stories and pictures people were sending me. This book is a great overview of what it is like for a community to be within the path of totality, and when eclipse day finally arrives. Told through the stories and images of locals and visitors, as well as featuring professional eclipse photography.Click here for more information.

Dr Kate Russo, Total Addiction, author, eclipse chaser
(c) Kieron Circuit.

Total Addiction: The Life of an Eclipse Chaser


I absolutely loved researching and writing my first book Total Addiction. This is more of an academic book written for those who would like to understand what eclipse chasing is all about. The book fully describes the totality experience and goes in-depth into what it is like to be an eclipse chaser. One-of-a-kind, and a must-have for eclipse chasers everywhere. Click here for more information.