Eclipse Reunited: An informal gathering to relive the magic of the 2012 eclipse

waves stuart ireland

The final event of Eclipse Week is a relaxed and informal social gathering at Alessandro’s by Lake Placid. This gorgeous setting will be the backdrop for a special opportunity to share a few unique stories from the 2012 eclipse.

On arrival, register your name before grabbing a drink at the bar and come down to our own pergola. The evening will kick off with a short introduction from me of the 2012 eclipse starting at 6.45pm. We then move into two short presentations by our special guests.

First up is Stuart Ireland – underwater videographer of Calypso Productions – who will share his unique short video of filming the eclipse from the reef – underwater. Stuart then surfaced during totality and took my favourite eclipse shot ever of totality alone in the waves. Stuart’s story is featured in my book “Totality 2012”.

Then we will hear from Paul Lyons – storm chaser and documentary maker – who is sharing his first time eclipse chase through the medium of documentary-style personal narratives. This is a quite personal insight into the 2012 eclipse, from the start of the chase journey, through to totality and beyond. Paul is featured in my third book-in-progress.

After these informal presentations, we will get down to the serious business of eating the traditional tasty wood-fired pizzas that Alessandro’s is famous for, and you will have the chance to chat and share your own eclipse experiences.

The aim of this event is to have a chance to personally thank those who contributed to my surveys and interviews, and who supported me through events and book projects, and of course my friends.

I need to know estimated numbers, so if you are planning to attend, please drop me an email at to let me know. Tickets $25 to include pizza. Payment on arrival at the restaurant, and you can set up your own bar tab as you wish.
Hope to see you there