Workshop: The American Eclipse of 2017: How to plan your trip

The Great American Eclipse. Map courtesy of Xavier Jubier.
The Great American Eclipse. Map courtesy of Xavier Jubier.


WHEN: Wednesday 17 February 2016

TIME: 6pm

WHERE: Night Sky Secrets, Shop 10, The Pier, Cairns

COST: $25




The first total solar eclipse to be seen from the mainland USA since 1979 will occur on 21st August 2017. The path of totality crosses the whole of the US, from Oregon in the northwest to South Carolina.

Interest in this eclipse is unprecedented – it will be an easily accessible way to experience totality, and is destined to be the most viewed in history, occurring at a great time of year. An estimated 10 million Americans live within the path of totality, and the whole of the US population are within one days drive of the path.

One of the easiest ways to view this eclipse is to go on a classic US road trip and head into the path.

In this detailed workshop, Kate will deliver detailed information about the eclipse circumstances, the path, weather, where eclipse chasers are going, top picks and key resources. Time will then be spent answering questions to facilitate personal tour planning.

Kate is a member of the US Eclipse Outreach planning committee, has written a White Paper on community preparations for the eclipse which has been circulated along the path. She is also planning her own year long speaking and consulting tour across the US in a campervan.

This practical workshop will be of interest to anyone planning for their own US trip to coincide with this eclipse, and who wishes to take advantage of Kate’s experience and networks. Make sure to register for this event up front as the content is based upon expected numbers.