This section outlines information about eclipses in the past and future.

map of next eclipses
Total Eclipses 2012-2020 – by Michael Zeiler, eclipse mapper extraordinaire

The map above provides an overview of the Total Eclipses between 2012-2020. Viewing opportunities are available in Australia, Central Africa, the Arctic, Indonesia and North America.

Many eclipse chasers have a map of the path of totality for eclipses on their walls in order to plan for the future. Like other eclipse chasers, I have a general plan of where I will be in any given year, depending on the path of totality. About two years before an eclipse, I will start to make more detailed plans. In recent years, I have visited the path of totality in advance in order to make plans and to help with local preparations.

The location of my holidays are dependent upon the movement of celestial bodies in the Universe. I think that is kind of cool.

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