My second book
My second book


My second book Totality is now finished and available to order!! Order information is at the bottom of this page.


The path of totality for the 2012 Total Solar Eclipse went across the region of Far North Queensland in Australia and included the diverse environments of the Outback ,tropical beaches, and the World Heritage listed Daintree National Park and Great Barrier Reef. The natural beauty of the region provided a stunning backdrop for this rare astronomical event, which drew an estimated 60,000 visitors from all around the world.

This is the story of the Total Solar Eclipse of 2012, featuring personal accounts and stunning images, narrated by me – Dr Kate Russo – an eclipse chaser from this very region of North Queensland.

I use personal stories and images from locals and visitors from locations around the region to describe the awesome beauty of the Total Solar Eclipse. The images show the whole eclipse in stunning detail, from sunrise and that first ‘bite’ out of the Sun, to totality and onwards to fourth contact signalling the end of the eclipse. The eclipse pictures are absolutely stunning, and are taken by the leading eclipse photographers, several of whom have been featured on Astronomy Picture of the Day and have won awards for their work. There are also pictures by locals and visitors, highlighting their own experience. You can clearly see the clear skies of the outback, and that pesky cloud cover that blighted the view of many from the coast.

This is a different book project for me. I wanted a way of really being able to share what it is like. Words cannot do it justice. Pictures by themselves often cannot convey the feel of the eclipse. So by combining stories and images I have recreated the story of the eclipse in a uniquely personal way. But ultimately, you just HAVE to be there to get it.

You will LOVE this book if:

– you were lucky enough to live in the path of totality in paradise, so all you had to do was to get out of bed early to see it;

– you visited the region specifically for the eclipse;

– you are interested in how a community experiences a Total Eclipse;

– you have heard about how amazing a Total Solar Eclipse is but still find it hard to understand HOW it can have an impact;

– you plan to travel to see a Total Eclipse at some point in your life;

– you are getting tired of me banging on about how ‘awesome’ an eclipse is and want some evidence that it’s not just me saying this

Final word about the book – I just LOVE it. It’s better than I expected. There are some fabulous WOW pictures in it. The stories really make the eclipse come alive. My best project yet??

TT contents


Laminated Soft Cover: 120 pages, 225mm x 210mm Landscape, Perfect Bound

Language: English

ISBN-13: 978-1-925023-97-8

Price: Aus $49 / US $45 / UK £29 / Euro 35 (plus postage)

Ebook PDFONE THIRD OFF for December: Aus $16 / US $14 / UK £10 / Euro 10



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I would love to offer the Hardcover of this book up front, as it warrants it. It’s beautiful. However, as I am self publishing this book, I have had to make a decision to hold off on the print run until I am in a position to fund it. So, if you are interested in a hardcover, (or sponsoring the costs!) I ask that you email me to register your interest. The Hardcover will definitely not be available this year.

As ever, I would love to hear your feedback – let me know what you think.


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