Eclipses – past and future

I have been chasing eclipses since 1999.


Here are some links to total eclipses that have occurred in the recent past.

2016 – Indonesia – I traveled independently to Palu, in Sulawesi to see this eclipse. Not only did I deliver a few presentations to local people before the eclipse, I undertook eclipse research at the Sulawesi Eclipse Festival after the eclipse. I also was featured in a detailed documentary that was broadcast across Indonesia the week after the eclipse, as well as being featured in a few newspapers and magazine articles. You can read my trip report about this eclipse here.

2015 – Faroe Islands – I first visited the Faroe Islands two years before the eclipse, and then again one year before, where I delivered workshops and lectures about preparing for the eclipse. Five weeks before the eclipse I relocated to the islands and worked with Visit Faroe Islands as the Eclipse Planning Consultant. I also led a tour for 140 people, and took part in major media.

2013 – Africa – This was a hybrid eclipse, and I was unable to travel to Africa due to ill health. I watched the live broadcast – definitely not the same!

2012 – Australia – This was a very special total eclipse for me, as the path of totality went across Far North Queensland – my home! I returned home for six months, undertook several eclipse research projects, did hundreds of media interviews and events, and helped out where I could with community preparations. Afterwards, I published a commemorative book about this eclipse.

Brief details about the total solar eclipses in the future can be found on the following links. More detailed information about future eclipse paths can be found on Xavier Jubier’s excellent interactive eclipse GoogleMaps.

2017 – North America

2019 – Chile & Argentina

2020 – Chile & Argentina

Michael Zeiler produced this helpful map of the total solar eclipses up until 2020. (c) 2012, Kate Russo in Total Addiction: The Life of an Eclipse Chaser