The Path of Totality Tour – Expressions of Interest

The Path of Totality Tour – Expressions of Interest




It’s official. I am now taking ‘Expressions of Interest‘ from communities that would like to be included in my Being in the Shadow Path of Totality Tour.

The tour is expected to commence in April in South Carolina, and end in July in Oregon – final dates will be confirmed at the end of January. At the moment, I am still awaiting the final stages of my US visa process, and therefore I cannot confirm any dates. However, I can now start planning. Woohoo!!

We will be traveling in a fifth wheel camper, and staying at RV sites within each community in order to keep costs to a minimum whilst ensuring flexibility and a mobile workspace. From coast to coast, across the US, helping to prepare for the eclipse.

I will be ensuring the tour is high profile, and will engage in extensive media throughout, ensuring that all of the communities involved in the tour will greatly benefit from the extensive media exposure. The results of this can be considerable. For example, the PR value of the media from the 62 international media outlets that were reporting from the Faroe Islands in 2015, where I was the Eclipse Planning Consultant, was equivalent to US$22 million. Media interest across the US and the world is going to be considerably greater for the 2017 total eclipse. That’s big buckaroos.

I will, of course, be unable to visit each of the 1,000+ communities that are along the path of totality. Instead I will have to prioritise those communities that are keen to host me – that is, those that complete this form to let me know what their needs and wishes are.

I am recommending a stay of five days in each community to ensure that I can make a significant difference for each of the communities I visit.

Once you link to the form, you will see that each page has the range of events that I can offer, from planning consulting, workshops, community engagement, stakeholder engagement, book launch activities, public lectures etc. If you are an eclipse coordinator, please complete the form, ticking those events of interest.

I will then be able to collate this information, start plotting and planning a rough tour outline, and will then get back to you regarding an estimated cost based on your preferences, an estimated time frame, and more detailed information about confirming plans. It’s simple.




To make sure your region is included, complete the ‘Expressions of Interest’ Form by 27 January AT THE LATEST. I’ve been talking about doing this tour for years, literally, and I can’t believe we have now reached the time when I am about to start planning. Let me help to make it awesome for your community.

The Eclipse Chasing Psychologist


  1. Hi Dr. Kate!

    Rabun County in northeast Georgia has big plans to celebrate the total solar eclipse. The City of Clayton GA will experience 2 minutes, 35 seconds of umbral magic! The Tourism & Defelopment Authority has been working for months to plan a major event on the campus of Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School in Dillard GA (

    I’ve rented the Rabun Arena (, just south of Clayton GA. This venue sits on high ground just south of Clayton GA adjacent to U.S. Hwy. 441. We will experience 2 minutes, 30 seconds of umbra beginning at 2:35pm.

    If your tour starts in S.C., we are very easy to get to. Just come south on I-85, turn north on Hwy. 129 (Jackson County GA), go 10 miles to I-985, then north to Clayton GA (4-lane all the way. I would be honored to show your group the Rabun Arena and other eclipse viewing venues in Rabun County.

    Y’all come see us!

    Dave Rosselle, Umbraphile Newbie ;-)
    Cell: 404-408-8406

    1. HI Dave – I’d just love to drop in to the many regions along the path. But time is short, there are over 1,000 communities along the path – therefore I have to plan this out with quite a bit of detail. So make sure that you complete the form so I know what you are looking for, and how I can help the best. Would love to visit Rabun County – let’s make it happen!

      1. Kate:
        Thanks for the note. I’ve completed and submitted the online app. I do fully understand the very large scope of your tour and that it may not be practical to visit a small community like The City of Clayton. You may find a lot more activity and events in Nashville TN, which will have a huge draw due to its Country Music roots and the related tourism. Your tour group would like that too!

        Anyway, just let me know if you need more info or if there is anything I can do to help you.


        1. I’m visiting small towns too! In fact, its’ the smaller and more remote locations that often need the most practical support. Thanks for sorting that – I look forward to getting in touch in late January with a few more details. Thanks so much, and really looking forward to meeting you.

          1. Just another tour planning thought..

            If your tour group’s primary mode of transportation is air, I could meet your group at the Atlanta airport and take them up to Rabun County. Renting tour busses in Atlanta is no problem.

            Also, the primary contact in Rabun County for eclipse planning stuff is Teka Earnhardt, head honcho of the Rabun County Tourism & Development Authority. (See links on top of Rabun County Events Page. 706-982-4754) Her eclipse committee has been doing planning since last summer.


          2. Dave – I see the problem here! My tour of the path of totality is actually ME touring the path of totality, helping eclipse co-ordinators with planning and running a wide range of events to engage stakeholders and communities about the eclipse. I’m traveling for four months across the whole path to do this.

            I see now that you were suggesting that I bring a tour group to Rabun to view the eclipse at your event. Let’s communicate via email as this is clearly a misunderstanding. While I am actually leading an eclipse tour, I will be based in Grand Teton National Park and all arrangements have been made for well over a year.

            Sorry for any misunderstanding.

  2. Hello Kate,I will be discussing your visit with our Mayor tomorrow,here in Madisonville,Ky..I can assure you ,no one is more excited that me to know you will be traveling in or near our small town!.. and I will certainly have more info for you in the next few days!..until then,keep looking up..
    Your new Shadow friend,Angelia.

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